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Weekend in Verona - Verona Forum

Ps: l # 39; only thing I remember and # 39; that from 7 to # 39; April 11 in Verona Vinitaly is held, for which the city and # 39; full of visitors and finding accommodations and # 39; a lottery. his friends intend to come right after the wedding, so around April 3/4, or right in the weekend of the Fair? From the Old Market Court you can climb the Torre dei Lamberti (walk, or. So while you point out, since we do not yet know exactly when to come and want to find out what events are in that period, which, if you liked , in the Arena on 2 and 3 May c # 39; is Biagio Antonacci, while May 20th c # 39; is Gianna Nannini (in June, however, Sugar) for the city, in the historic center pienissimo pointing you to these hotels. , definitely quality and with a very central location and impressive: Spending a few days in Verona I think really a wonderful idea, I’m sure you will love it – Stone bridge and the nearby Roman Theater (both not to be missed!)! ; – Romeo and Juliet being Sant # 39; Anastasia, near Piazza Erbe: dishes (a whole made from horse meat menu, specialties of Verona), simple but cozy atmosphere, cheap prices.

A few meters from Piazza Dante, then you will find the Scaliger, the medieval tombs of the Lords of Verona, the Scaligeri (are really beautiful, Gothic-style): -Hotel Villa Del Quar, splendid Venetian villa only two steps away from the city ​​Let me know then what would be the desire of his friends (city center or hill / a short campaign), and in the meantime I searched the castle! – the Basilica of San Zeno, beautiful in itself, and also to the square and the neighborhood in which it appears (to get there, let Castelvecchio on the right and walk the Rigaste (this is basically a walk along the # 39; Adige) up the district of San Zeno (will be 10-minute walk): if you come there on the third Saturday of the month, c # 39; it is also the market of 3A (antiques, art and craft), very cute and interesting . – trattoria Portichetti, to go to San Zeno: good food purely nostrana (bigoli all # 39; duck, good boiled meat and roast accompanied by pearà, horseradish and green sauce, etc.!), friendly local – hotel Cage d #. 39; Oro, a few steps from Piazza Erbe Look, I am now at the Bevilacqua Castle, and # 39; really very nice and quaint, but I would advise to opt for one of the other options that I suggested yesterday: this is because the # 39, and # 39 hotels; a little # 39; more off the beaten path than the others (about 40 minutes away, also do not in the beautiful hills of Valpolicella, but in the countryside), and because there may be a little # 39; confusing when (as now) there are hosted special events (conferences, medieval festivals etc.). To eat, look at these taverns in the center, where you will find traditional cuisine and reasonable prices (by economic, on 15/20, on average, on 30/35)): I advise you to visit all the historical center, which is wonderful in every corner (and all things small, turns walking without difficulty)! What a beautiful gift, Joan. Hi Jane, welcome!

Verona, Italy # 183; 1,805 posts – Due Torri Hotel, next to Sant # 39; Anastasia – Osteria Casa Vino, close to Castelvecchio (find various reviews here on TriAdvisor: Between # 39; more precisely tomorrow I have to go to a conference hosted in a castle in Verona countryside, which I think is very nice and also serves as a hotel and restaurant tomorrow night I tell if it is worth, and eventually I say pointing His future bride and groom are very fortunate to have a # 39;.! so friendly (and can spend some romantic days in my beautiful city!) Meanwhile! , Giovanna, I would point out some particular hotel by location and environment, so you can get a # 39; idea – At Duke,! "twin" the previous (same management and the same system: a first and a second to about 15 Euros in all), close to Scaliger (where c is # 39; is the "Romeo’s house"). You again tomorrow night!

Weekend in Verona - Verona Forum

So walk you can easily reach everything! If you like photography, press d # 39; eye on what c # 39; is scheduled to Scaligeri Excavations, home to interesting photo exhibitions of Roman ruins: In conclusion. and # 39; a bell # 39; hotel, but definitely by the atmosphere a little # 39; Details on (have to like armor, medieval furniture etc!) And the little convenient location if you want to see Verona in a couple of days .. I definitely recommend The Valpolicella or the city center, between the structures that I indicated yesterday find senz # 39; The other one that looks more like # 39; suited to His dear friends! – Hotel Castello Bevilacqua, in the countryside (and # 39; that I will visit tomorrow) It also pointed to a great place to find beautiful pictures of my city (you will find all the places that I advised you): Maybe avoid the restaurants in Piazza Bra (the "Liston") And those in Piazza Erbe, typically more tourist. Well, I hope you got interesting and useful information for your next great weekend in Verona!

Verona, Italy # 183; 1,805 posts – trattoria to the Cathedral, close to our magnificent Cathedral (also to visit, if you can!): Typical and also attended by the Veronese (eye though that is small, and closed on Sundays), good dishes from our kitchen ( for example bigoli sardines and l # 39; donkey, polenta and sopressa, pastissada de caval with polenta). March 25, 2011, 23:09 regarding the area surrounding the town, Also I asked at reception, and I and # 39; It was told that having only 7 rooms available and # 39; need to book well in advance (at least a month) for the weekend, or come midweek (the difficulty increases significantly if you want more rooms # 39; particular, those with four-poster bed). – Castel San Pietro (above the Roman Theater: is accessed by a picturesque staircase which starts right in front of Ponte Pietra), which offers a magnificent view of the city; I ask so then I can try to report them some structure in particular! I have taught some site where control what c # 39; it is interesting in the city and province: – Byblosart hotel, ancient villa but modern decor definitely special Congratulations on your special gift and best wishes to the newlyweds! – Castelvecchio (from Bra square, take Via Roma, and in a few steps you reach the castle, beautiful from outside (even go Castelvecchio Bridge, you will see how nice In the evening, then, is truly charming) and very interesting inside! . Look, in your opinion would prefer to stay in town, where still great hotel no shortage of, or outside, since you are traveling by car (a few km from the c # 39; is the Valpolicella, with residencies # 39; epoch wonderful) -!? the relay Magioca, very beautiful house in the green Valpolicella – Piazza Erbe, Piazza Dante (or Lords) and the Court of the Old Market, all communicating (from Bra square along via Mazzini and, at the end of the street, going to the left you are now in Piazza Erbe, right instead c # 39; is via Cappello, where Juliet’s house).

Regarding # 39; hotel, you are very close to the center, because Corso Porta Nuova is the main street that leads right in Piazza Bra, where the # 39; Arena. With the # 39; no elevator!), Which dominates the whole city. Next door c # 39; it is also the # 39; Gavi Arch, a Roman arch of white Veronese stone (nice, if not marred by the usual written a can of some moron!); – Al Bersagliere, not far from # 39; Arena: good local food, average prices, refined atmosphere: – Hotel Sogno di Giulietta, all # 39; inside the courtyard of Juliet’s balcony Here, I think there is enough for a weekend to see!

weekend in Verona

Weekend in Verona - Verona Forum

I’m glad you’re coming to Verona, you’ll see that you’ll be happy!


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Weekend in Verona - Verona Forum


Hello, we are Segway Verona an innovative company set up by young for everyone.
We use new vehicle called Segway / Ninebot which is self-balancing and electric
to move in the city and allow everyone who has little time to see great part of the city.

It is an assisted rental, one of our boy will be your accompanist along a planned
route which can tak an hour or two,
in addition you can also stop to take some pictures also with help of your accompanist.

We choose to send with you a third person for higher security, both yours that ours having
someone local who knows how to deal with crowded streets of Verona is an extra certitude,
in addition he will act at the rise of any difficulty.
All this to guarantee an unforgettable experience.


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