History of Verona typical dishes of Verona

History of Verona typical dishes of Verona

The red Bardolino doc, classic, superior, claret and novel. Pandoro was created in 1894 by Domenico Melegatti in his laboratory in Porta Borsari; on # 39; building, located at 21 Street, are the historic sign still visible and reproductions of pandori that adorn the facade.


Since the time of # 39; ancient Roman noble families in Verona were famous around the # 39; Empire for gustosità lunches that offered during memorable receptions, and also in medieval chronicles it is said that the principles Scaligers often alietassero guests of their court with rich libations and delicious dishes. Typical dishes of the Veronese cuisine are BOILED WITH PEARA’ . beef accompanied by a of grated bread sauce, cheese, marrow, broth and black pepper. Nobles and wealthy families primarily, but not only. The famous RICE tastasal . risotto with a tasty mixture of pork; Rice with Bisi, boiled rice with peas, and RICE TO # 39; AMARONE . with the precious red wine from the Valpolicella. The Soave white: doc, classic, sparkling, top and Recioto. Polenta, the typical food of the poor farmers of the Po Valley, which is prepared with corn flour cooked in salted water. The red Valpolicella: classic, Valpantena, top, Amarone and Recioto. To this end, it responds admirably pasta and beans, robust and massive pot, almost muscular, roughly commoner devised by the imagination of the poor, still unsurpassed in # 39; art of eating well" (From Verona to Table, 1995). In other seasons you can taste the pastry, puff pastry, crostoli, the Frittole . field beans and almonds in Cologna Veneta, a cake made with almonds lightly browned and then baked in the oven, with the # 39; add honey, sugar and sweet dough. and then there are the excellent wines, a designation of origin. They love it with a passion that over the centuries have been able to raise genuine art, devising with flair and imagination, exquisite dishes with poor products. There Pastissada CAVAL prepared following an old recipe of one thousand five hundred years: according to tradition at the end of the battle fought in 489 between Theodoric, king of the Goths, and Odoacer, King of the Barbarians, there were hundreds and hundreds of horses lying dead on the ground. It has a high and slender shape, with design sprung ribs; covered with vanilla sugar è much appreciated for its pasta, soft and light, for its delicate flavor and fragrant aroma. during the festivals stands on the tables of Verona, though still in some bakeries prepare the NADALIN . who was its medieval ancestor. The White Custoza Doc, top, sparkling wine and raisin. And finally the sweet Durello Lessini Mountains. There Pasta and beans . a dish of the people with whom Giorgio game, great master of Veronese cuisine will feel at home. "In the land where he makes extensive use of wine è should ingest heavy foods "take" attutendone the wine l # 39; ardor. The GNOCCHI . a delicious paste made with potatoes, white flour and eggs, served with tomato sauce or with sugar and cinnamon. To enjoy it to Verona you must eat it with well cooked beans (POLENTA INFASOLA ) Or as an accompaniment to game (polenta and Osei). They are all from Verona to love good food, whatever their class. The Veronese hungry, not wanting all that meat go to waste, the whittled and put to soak in moreù full-bodied red wine from the Valpolicella, aromatizzandola with a wealth of spices and vegetables, to be able to consume all # 39; occurrence, cooking it on low heat. The Tortellini of Valeggio (or KNOTS D # 39; LOVE ), Made with a thin layer of puff pastry as silk, cut and knotted like a handkerchief, after it has been enriched with a delicate filling of various meats. The sopressa, a "salami" special and very tasty, made by mixing pork flavored with garlic, red wine, salt and pepper. Among the desserts leads the PANDORO . the Christmas cake par excellence made of flour, eggs, sugar and butter.

History of Verona typical dishes of Verona



History of Verona typical dishes of Verona


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