Flights Verona – from 31 € – Skyscanner

Flights Verona - from 31 € - Skyscanner

To visit is the beautiful Arena of Verona, the # 39; Roman amphitheater dating back to the first century and covered with brick and local stone, which surely had the same function of all the amphitheatres of hosting shows with gladiators. Good trip! Air flights to Verona start at several Italian cities like Catania, Cagliari, Bari, Rome, Brindisi, Naples and Palermo, and among the airlines that provide direct connections there are Meridiana, Air One and Alitalia. In addition to flights, Skyscanner also helps you find cheap hotels and car rentals on site.

In addition to # 39; Arena, do not miss the famous Juliet’s balcony, in a building that Veronesi have identified as the home of the Capulets, the Church of San Zeno Maggiore, important example of Romanesque architecture which houses the saint’s body, the Duomo, in Gothic and Romanesque style on the remains of two early Christian churches, and the lively Piazza delle Erbe, where in addition to important monuments that surround it, you can stop in the colorful market stalls.

Flights to Verona

If you want to spend a vacation at # 39; teaching of romance, art and history, with low cost flights Verona Skyscanner atterreresti proposed by the destination for you. If you have the chance to choose the departure date with some flexibility, see the chart at right and find out what is the cheapest month to book a plane flight to Verona, while clicking on the link below you you will see what are the nearest airports to Verona who can offer alternative routes, like Parma, Bologna and Milan. Skyscanner is a travel search engine faster and more efficient that helps you compare for free more than 1,000 airlines and online agencies around the world, allowing you to choose from the many cheap flights to Verona available on the internet. After selecting the flight offer to Verona Skyscanner takes you directly to the page you select company or that of online agencies offering trafficking, giving you the opportunity to finalize # 39; purchase of the ticket. A 2000 years later, his stage is still the scene of musical events of great importance. Cheap flights to Verona International from.

Flights Verona - from 31 € - Skyscanner



Flights Verona - from 31 € - Skyscanner


Hello, we are Segway Verona an innovative company set up by young for everyone.
We use new vehicle called Segway / Ninebot which is self-balancing and electric
to move in the city and allow everyone who has little time to see great part of the city.

It is an assisted rental, one of our boy will be your accompanist along a planned
route which can tak an hour or two,
in addition you can also stop to take some pictures also with help of your accompanist.

We choose to send with you a third person for higher security, both yours that ours having
someone local who knows how to deal with crowded streets of Verona is an extra certitude,
in addition he will act at the rise of any difficulty.
All this to guarantee an unforgettable experience.


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