Deliveroo – Jobs Business Development Manager – VERONA – Apply online

Deliveroo - Jobs Business Development Manager - VERONA - Apply online

It is not (only) a desk job. Verona, Veneto, Italy Your target. Sales of Deliveroo within the team, will be to do scouting of the best restaurants in Verona. in particular: There mission of Deliveroo is deliver the best food with the best service. every day, all day, in the shortest possible time.

You will have to be tough. motivated and have the following skills: We are growing more and more and we are constantly talent search to join our team. There person we are looking for must love this job. know how to sell a product and a service, communicate with different people every day and love the food. love good food. Deliveroo ( might be just looking for someone like you. We are looking for bright, motivated people. they want experience the environment of a start-up growing exponentially every day.

All jobs → Business Development Manager – VERONA We choose the best restaurants and let it continue to deal with what they do best, the food, while we care to offer them the best possible service delivery. thanks to our cutting-edge technology and a network of constantly growing driver. We are looking for candidate with excellent communication skills.

Deliveroo - Jobs Business Development Manager - VERONA - Apply online



Deliveroo - Jobs Business Development Manager - VERONA - Apply online


Hello, we are Segway Verona an innovative company set up by young for everyone.
We use new vehicle called Segway / Ninebot which is self-balancing and electric
to move in the city and allow everyone who has little time to see great part of the city.

It is an assisted rental, one of our boy will be your accompanist along a planned
route which can tak an hour or two,
in addition you can also stop to take some pictures also with help of your accompanist.

We choose to send with you a third person for higher security, both yours that ours having
someone local who knows how to deal with crowded streets of Verona is an extra certitude,
in addition he will act at the rise of any difficulty.
All this to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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